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Roof Safety Anchors

From static roof anchors suitable for wood, metal or concrete substrates to adjustable seam roof anchor points that can be repositioned as your job area changes, Harness Land has a variety of fall protection roof anchors suitable for any roof job. Try adding a swivel adaptor to your Guardian roof anchors for easy maneuverability or install a straddling anchor system to provide fall protection across the peak of the roof where its durability is strongest. Smaller roof anchor points like those of the CB- variety feature tall posts that extend well past any roofing substrate to assure your attach point is easy to access well after construction is complete.

For jobs big or small, the selection of fall protection anchors from Harness Land meet all OSHA and ANSI safety standards and adapt to the job at hand. It doesn’t hurt that plenty of these roof anchors are reusable so you can take them to any roof and they’ll perform like they just came out of the box.

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CB-12 Roof Anchor | Guardian 00645 Standing Seam Roof Anchor Clamp by Guardian Fall Protection # 00250 CB-18 Anchor
CB-12 Roof Anchor
Our Price: $380.80
CB-18 Anchor for Wood and Steel | Guardian 00657 Reusable Roof Anchor Connector Standing Seam Roof Anchor 1 - SSRA1
Reusable Roof Anchor Connector
Our Price: $28.72

Standing Seam Roof Anchor 1
Our Price: $189.00
Sale Price: $179.00
Savings: $70.00

RIDG-1 - Single D-Ring Roof Anchor RIDG-2 - Double D-Ring Roof Anchor Ridge-It SAFU Anchor
Ridge-It SAFU Anchor
Our Price: $23.98
Ridge-It Tile Anchor - 1 D-ring Two-Way Universal Standing Seam Roof clamp - 10600 - Guardian Fall Protection Anchor Reversible Standing Seam Roof Anchor - FS-EX311 Fall Safe ssr clamp
2-Way Universal Standing Seam Roof Clamp - 10600
Our Price: $289.99
Sale Price: $252.00
Savings: $41.92

Standing Seam Roof Anchor - Reversible
Our Price: $209.00
Sale Price: $184.00
Savings: $95.00

HitchClip Roof Anchors 25-Pack 10566 - 10567 - 10568 PITCH PRO Anchor Roof Anchors 25-Pack 10543 - 10544 - 10545 PITCHPRO Anchor Roof Anchors 10540 - 10541 - 10542
HitchClip Anchor 3-Pack by Guardian Permanent Adjustable Standing Seam Roof Anchor | Guardian 00249 Guardian 15176 Window & Doorway Anchor
HitchClip Anchor [ 3-Pack ]
Our Price: $59.95
Savings: $15.05

Adjustable Standing Seam Roof Anchor
Our Price: $722.00
Savings: $103.00

Gap Anchor Point
Our Price: $635.66
Savings: $196.34

Door/Window Jamb Anchor | DBI SALA 2100080 Retractable Swivel Adapter | Guardian 10975 D Bolt Forged Anchor - 00370, 00371, 00372 by Guardian Fall Protection
Door/Window Jamb Anchor
Our Price: $754.00
D Bolt Anchor
Our Price: $41.40

CB-18 Weld-On Post | Guardian 10655 Roof Top Anchor - For Metal, Concrete, Wood Roofs | DBI 2100133 RA15-1 Roof Anchor Miller by Honeywell
CB-18 Weld-On Post
Our Price: $298.00
Sale Price: $255.00
Savings: $43.00

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