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HI-VIS Work Vest Harnesses

Why Choose a Reflective Harness?

Reflective harnesses and vests provide double security in those situations where there may not be enough light to be seen by other workers or machine operators, and you are working above or below ground, on telephone poles, in tunnels or caves, or tree trimming near electrical lines and large boom equipment.
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Guardian Cyclone Reflective Construction Harness Hi-Viz Construction Tux Harness - Class 2 Delta Vest Hi-Vis Reflective Workvest Harness
Cyclone Reflective Construction Harness
Our Price: $258.00
Savings: $31.00

Delta Vest Hi-Vis Reflective Workvest Harness
Our Price: $334.00
Savings: $86.00

Orange Mesh Construction Tux Harness Deluxe Tux Harness Guardian Deluxe Construction Tux Harness
Orange Construction Tux Harness
Our Price: $234.00

Deluxe Tux Harness - Class 2
Our Price: $348.00

Green Mesh Construction Tux Harness FSP Reflective Premium Construction Harness with Grommet Legs | FS-HI VIS185
Green Mesh Construction Tux™
Our Price: $234.00

Pro+ Hi-Vis Harness
Our Price: $219.00

Some of the professions that use this type of gear are:

  • High Voltage Power Line Workers

  • Communications Field Workers

  • Landline Telecommunications

  • Railroad or Tunnel Workers

  • Miners

  • Underground Utility Workers

  • City Traffic System Crews

  • Tree Maintenance Companies

Differences in Vest and Harness Options

The reflective vest harness looks similar to those reflective vests worn by road crews. However, the harness vest takes multitasking a step further by incorporating a suspension or fall protection harness into the construction of the vest eliminating the need to wear layers of uncomfortable, bulky equipment.

This combination improves functionality and performance by allowing its wearer to move more freely when wearing it. These vests are commonly made from polyester for breathability and have specialized soft elastic trim along the neck and arm that minimizes chafing for a more comfortable fit than the standard safety harness.

Reflective harnesses are also available without the vest feature. Since the amount of reflective material is minimal on the harness only models it is not as noticeable or eye-catching as the vest version. The harness only model is cheaper in price than the harness vest model and does provide substantial support and fair reflection for those jobs that need fall protection with minimal reflective needs.

Colors and Features Include

Reflective vest harnesses can be found in a variety of bright neon reflective colors with the two most popular and easy to find colors being orange or green.

Some of the features that you can expect to find when looking at your reflective vest harness equipment options are:

  • Fast Adjustable Tongue and Grommet Fastening Leg Straps – For a secure fit that will keep all of your fall protection in place.

  • 5-Point Complete Adjustment Straps to Customize Fit – The 5-point adjustable straps provide easy adjustments in multiple torso locations in order to customize the fit to almost anybody.

  • Parachute Buckles – Using parachute buckles as front closures provide secure and easy slip-on and removal.

  • Built-in Pockets – Chest and waist pockets provide easy access to writing materials and tools and come with either Velcro or zipper closures for securing items in place.

  • Stand-up D-Ring Connectors – These connectors provide easy lock-in locations for your fall arrest system to securely lock into.

This type of fall protection is intended to be used with your fall arrest system and is compatible with other manufacturer’s products. However, it is always a good idea to verify your systems requirements before making any new equipment purchase.

Standard Certifications

Most models of fall protection reflective vest harnesses come with either a class 1 or class 2 reflective webbing and are compliant with the below-listed regulation requirements.

  • OSHA 1910

  • OSHA 1926 Subpart M

  • ANSI Z359.1-2007

  • ANSI A10.32-2012

The standard vest weight capacity limitations are between 130 to 310 lbs., and in some cases up to 420 lbs. Verify your equipment’s weight capacity with the manufacturer since not all vests and harnesses are the same.

Keep in Mind

A few things that you will want to bear in mind when choosing your reflective vest harness investment are:

  • The amount of Reflection – Think about where you will be using the equipment. Will you be working mainly at night, in high traffic areas, around large construction equipment, etc.? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you need to make sure you have substantial reflective surfaces to assure that you will be seen when on the worksite.

  • Current Equipment Compatibility – Verify what manufacturers are compatible with your current fall arrest equipment. Intermingling manufacturer’s brands is completely acceptable as long as they are compatible in order to retain their safety effectiveness.

  • Weight Limitations – When choosing fall protection equipment including vest harnesses it is important to be as accurate as possible about the amount of weight that your gear will be required to sustain. The total weight should include your physical weight as well as the weight of any additional items such as tools, and tool belts that you may be wearing when you are being suspended.

Choose a Name you can Trust

The number of products, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who sell fall safety equipment is daunting when you are attempting to locate a reliable and trustworthy merchant. So how do you choose your tools and where to buy them? First, consider the reputation of the company from which you are purchasing your gear. Companies such as Harness Land have been in the fall safety system business for many years and have built a reputable business based on honesty, quality merchandise from reliable and ethical manufacturers, and knowledgeable, well-informed associates.

Harness Land takes their business and your safety very seriously from the manufacturers that they contract with to the method used when finalizing your purchase online. That is why they only sell those reputable manufacturers for which they are authorized dealers, and use the safest check-out software during their online shopping experience that is on the market. Harness Land knows that your safety does not just extend to keeping you from falling, it also extends to protecting your assets with up to date technology.