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Rope Grabs

We stock rope grabs in stainless steel and forged steel. With auto locking features, available for 5/8" and 3/4" lifeline rope. These are the most common out of the group, just attach the rope grab to the lifeline rope and connect your separate shock absorbing lanyard to the O-ring and the other end to your back D-ring.

Cable Grabs

Stainless steel fall protection cable grabs for use on 5/16" and 3/8" aircraft cable. Our customers typically use 3/8" galvanized cable with a 7 x 19 twist for their cable lifelines. These units will also fit 7mm wire rope cable, if that is specified for you fall arrest system. Cable grabs function the same as rope grabs, with auto locking features, attaches to the wire rope cable and a shock absorbing lanyard attached to the back d-ring of your harness.

Rope Grabs with lanyard and shock packs

These units are made with a permanently attached lanyard extension or shock absorber. They can serve many applications, with the most common attaching the rope grab to a vertical lifeline rope and the lanyard extension or shock pack to the back d-ring of the harness. Some vertical lifeline ropes come with a shock absorber integrated onto the top part of the lifeline rope, so you would only need a non shock absorbing lanyard extension. For regular lifeline rope, you should use one that has an attached shock absorber to the rope grab.

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Anti Inversion / Anti Panic 5/8" trailing rope grab | Elk River 19260 FSP Wire Grab Fall Arrestor for 3/8" Cable | FS1119-38 Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rope Grab US3050RG3
5/8” Rope Grab with 1-1/4” Ring Anti Inversion / Anti Panic
Our Price: $94.00
Sale Price: $79.99
Savings: $14.01

Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rope Grab
Our Price: $72.50
Sale Price: $64.00
Savings: $28.00

Rope Grab - 01508 - Guardian Fall Protection Rope Positioning Device Assembly | Guardian Fall Protection Cable Grab - 5/16" | Guardian Fall Protection 01515
Rope Grab - 01508
Our Price: $102.00
Sale Price: $85.83
Savings: $16.17
Cable Grab - 5/16"
Our Price: $380.00
DBI SALA Rope Grab Static Wire Rope Grab | DBI SALA 5000338 Rope Grab by Protecta
DBI-SALA Rope Grab
Our Price: $202.99
Rope Grab
Our Price: $113.00

3/8" Wire Rope Grab | US-5038E Rope Grab with 18-inch Lanyard | Rope Grab Lanyard Rope Grab Lanyard with 3 foot Shock Absorber
5/16" and 3/8" Wire Rope Grab | US-5038 Rope Grab with Shock Pack Absorber | Rope Grab Fall Arrester Rope Grab - 01505 - Guardian Fall Protection
Rope Grab with Shock Pack
Our Price: $126.10
Rope Grab - 01505
Our Price: $92.00
Sale Price: $74.70
Savings: $17.30
FSP 5/8" Manual Dual Cam Stationary Rope Grab (Non-Removable) | FS1117 FSP Removable Rope Grab for 5/8" Rope - Trailing | FS1118 FSP Removable Rope Grab for 5/8" Rope - Non Trailing | FS1118-DC