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Safety goggles are necessary when working in any situation that may pose a hazard to your eyes. Goggles protect from splashes, dirt and dust, chemicals, and potential impacts, all of which could cause serious vision damage. Clear safety goggles with anti-fog lenses provide optimal protection while preserving your range of vision so you can easily see what you're doing. This is especially important with construction safety goggles; debris, sparks, bright lights and other hazards are common on construction sites.

Our protective glasses are designed to wrap around the face and stay in place during construction and contracting work. The sturdy materials used by brands like Radians and Nemesis create a lightweight product with reliable impact resistance and superior eye protection. These glasses may be worn comfortably all day even in the most demanding work conditions. Adjustable, stylish and affordable, safety glasses are an important part of any contractor's uniform.

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