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Fall Protection Accessories

Your breadth of your fall protection equipment should extend down to the smallest detail. That’s why we’ve made sure to offer a selection of fall protection accessories to complement or replace your existing setup. From harness accessories like carabiners, rope grabs and safety straps, to ladder extensions and swing gates, Harness Land carries fall protection accessories both big and small.

The accessory you can never have enough of is undoubtedly the carabiner. Our carabiners are made of the highest strength steel and aluminum with auto lock features to keep your harness firmly in place. When adjustments on your positioning are needed, grab one of our handy rope grabs or cable grabs with automatic locking properties to stop a fall right as it happens.

Safety is what we do at Harness Land. Give us a call if you have questions about the sizing or fit of your accessories.
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Anti Inversion / Anti Panic 5/8" trailing rope grab | Elk River 19260 Tool Lanyard with Mini Carabiner Tool Lanyard - 30 lb. capacity
Tool Lanyard - 15 lb. capacity 3Mâ„¢ Steel Auto-lock Carabiner, 1" Opening Fall Protection Bag
Carabiner - 3M™ Steel Autolock Carabiner, 1" Opening
Our Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $34.00
Savings: $8.00

Fall Protection Bag
Our Price: $17.50
Savings: $12.45

Waist Belt w/ Side D-rings Construction Belt with Back Pad & side D-Rings Medium 18-inch Extension Lanyard | Guardian Fall Protection
EXTREME FSBELT w/ two side positioning D-rings
Our Price: $52.00
Sale Price: $38.00
Savings: $14.00

Construction Belt with Back Pad & side D-Rings
Our Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $61.00
Savings: $24.00

Extension Lanyard 18-inch
Our Price: $44.00

FSP Wire Grab Fall Arrestor for 3/8" Cable | FS1119-38 D-Ring Extender w/ Snap Hook - 18 inch | FS813 Guardian 10733 Trauma Strap
Trauma Suspension Straps
Our Price: $32.92

Retractable Swivel Adapter | Guardian 10975 D-Ring Anchor extension with Rebar Hook | FS814 Safe-T Ladder Extension System
Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rope Grab US3050RG3 Swivel Concrete Anchor Bolt | Guardian 00241 Rope Grab - 01508 - Guardian Fall Protection
Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rope Grab
Our Price: $72.50
Sale Price: $64.00
Savings: $28.00

Rope Grab - 01508
Our Price: $102.00
Sale Price: $85.83
Savings: $16.17
Rope Positioning Device Assembly | Guardian Fall Protection Cable Grab - 5/16" | Guardian Fall Protection 01515 Gotcha Kit - USGOTCHA
Cable Grab - 5/16"
Our Price: $380.00
Gotcha Kit
Our Price: $1,333.50

Suspension trauma safety straps Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 100M DBI SALA Rope Grab
Suspension trauma safety straps (one pair), connects to most harnesses
Our Price: $53.03
Sale Price: $45.45
Savings: $7.58

Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 325 ft.
Our Price: $2,198.00
DBI-SALA Rope Grab
Our Price: $202.99
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Fall protection accessories from Harness Land incorporate suspension include suspension safety devices, fall protection straps, pocket construction pouches, water bottle holders, padded hammer loops and that's just the beginning. OSHA expresses that potentially fatal suspension trauma may occur within minutes after a fall. Fall protection safety accessories ease the problematic effects of the oft-seen problem of orthostatic intolerance which may result from restricted blood flow to the brain and other organs due to a fall.


We provide a wide number of safety accessories that will help make your job easier, more efficient and safe. Our accessories include a variety of safety wear, extension lanyards, carabiners, rope grabs, D-ring extensions and trauma straps for comfort, among other safety items.

It’s imperative that your safety equipment operates perfectly when used in conjunction with fall protection accessories. That’s why safety engineers and site managers put their trust in Harness Land. Because of our decades of experience in the fall protection industry, we have built relationships with the best brands, supplying only the highest-quality accessories that will ensure top-level functionality when it is needed the most.

Harness Land fall protection accessories give the user plenty of security while working in potentially hazardous conditions. They are an easy and cost-effective way to improve your worker’s productivity while increasing safety across the board as well.

Safety Accessories

There are a ton of useful accessories that you can add on to your fall arrest system, from improving safety, comfort, productivity and more, you won’t regret ordering from Harness Land. Whether you’re purchasing suspension trauma straps that help reduce the chance of orthostatic intolerance, or D-ring suspensions that make connecting and disconnecting much easier. Try a bottle holster to keep yourself hydrated throughout the work day, or a rope grab to keep your rope out of the way while you’re getting your hands dirty. With the best safety accessories in fall protection, you won’t have to worry about working at heights.

Comfort Accessories

Comfort accessories give the user an added layer of comfort to increase worker efficiency and satisfaction. As a simple and economical way to add extra comfort to a fall arrest system, these accessories will boost a worker’s ability to work more comfortably for longer hours. Harness Land offers a number of comfort-boosting fall protection accessories, including large shoulder pads that saves the workers shoulders from the rubbing of a safety harness.

Productivity Accessories

Productivity accessories help the worker stay productive throughout the day, while boosting safety as well. These are easy to implement into your harness, and increase the worker’s ability to stay productive when working at heights. Harness Land offers a number of productivity accessories such as self-retracting lifelines, rope grabs, safety bags, water bottle holsters and more!

Miscellaneous Accessories

Whether you’re hauling, rescuing, or conducting any type of work work at height, there are many other accessories that you can buy right here at HarnessLand.com to improve safety and productivity. Don’t forget to browse our entire selection of fall protection accessories above. Harness Land supplies a wide number of everyday protective gear and equipment bags for carrying harnesses, carabiners, lifelines, anchors and more as well as items such as lanyards, winches, ladder extensions and rope grabs.

About Harness Land

Harness Land is a leading supplier of fall protection accessories and related equipment. Meeting the strict regulatory specifications of OSHA, we’ve built our reputation upon trusted, high-quality brands. With four decades spent in the industry, we’re at the forefront of our industry when it comes to meeting safety standards.

All sales made on HarnessLand.com come with peace of mind, including a secure and encrypted sales process and a dedicated customer service team waiting to field any questions. Many of our service representatives have been with Harness Land for years, and are committed to providing you with the utmost respect when it comes to you and your order.

We take our job seriously, and that means providing you with the resources you need to keep you or your workers safe. Since 1968 we’ve been providing the fall protection industry with the tools they need to keep working, even in the most adverse of conditions. Although we’ve moved to online sales in the past few years, we’re still treating customers as though they’re at the counter of our store. If you have any questions about Harness Land fall protection accessories, please contact us today.

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Whether you’re in the construction, telecom, sewage, manufacturing, wind energy or traffic industry, fall protection accessories are what will make you safe in a potentially dangerous working environment. Harness Land is here for you when you need assistance in choosing the best fall protection accessories for your job site. Contact us today, or take a look around at the selection of accessories above that Harness Land can ship to you right away. If you have any questions, give us a call 888-688-8769, 888-688-8769 or email [email protected].