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Hazardous situations to the eyes are prevalent in almost all major industries, but construction is ranked second among areas with the largest amount of eye injuries. Construction workers deal with a variety of dangers and potential hazards that could damage their eyes. It is just the usual suspects you’d think of either such as getting the eyes taken out by something physical. The dangers include airborne waste, too much sunlight and of course damaging debris. Having a set of good safety glasses can help mitigate the potential dangers.
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Providing Protection

Workers in the construction field do various jobs that have them switching over from one discipline to the next. They could be cutting something up to building and attaching equipment together next. On the construction site, there are different variables to look out for while protecting the eyes.

Safety glasses are a necessary addition to a construction worker’s repertoire of safety materials. They provide ample protection, and you’ll also want to meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements to stay safe on the job site.

Making the decision to either use glasses or goggles is sometimes a personal decision or one based on the work environment. If you need to purchase laboratory safety glasses, don’t waste your time with glasses meant for a different industry.

Leading Dangers

One of the leading causes of eye injury comes from debris or materials coming into contact with the eye. All different types of splinters and metal fragments can be lying around with the ill intent to harm you if you’re not aware. These punctures or eye scratches can cause short-term damage or result in complete loss of vision or losing your eye. All good safety glasses will come with impact protection.

Wind is just a basic tenant of working outdoors and can be dangerous at high levels or merely a nuisance at others. Glasses should have a snug comfortable fit you’ll get used to wearing all day. These different dust particles can come undone and cause irritation to the unprotected eye. This is another instance where the use of goggles might be considered, but some may find them too bulky and instead opt for a tight fit of safety glasses.

Hidden Safety Issues

The plain sunlight itself can be a damaging factor to the eyes. The rays that can damage a construction’s workers eyes can have a long-term gradual effect. Optical radiation is an overlooked safety issue. You’ll find glasses that fit the UVA/UVB (ANSI) guidelines are perfect for blocking out the sun. They’re not only helpful for sun protection but glare as well.

Being overly exposed to sunlight can cause heatstroke and headaches. All of these limit productivity on the job site. In order to combat this, glasses with anti-glare and sunlight ray protection is a must. The idea is to have an all around pair of safety glasses that provide impact protection, sun & glare protection while stopping airborne irritants. Getting a pair of good glasses is a necessity.

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