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Lifeline Kits

Lifeline kits are an integral part of a fall protection system. They offer an active form of fall protection as opposed to a passive system like a guardrail. These systems give workers the flexibility to work on construction sites and in areas where a passive system is inappropriate.

Harness Land offers a complete line of lifeline kits to serve all your protection needs. We provide solutions for a single worker up to a crew of four users as well as temporary or permanent kits. Continue reading to learn about our full product line and what fall protection options we can offer you.
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Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems | Kernmantle Rope DBI-SALA Sayfline Cable Horizontal Lifeline Systems 4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline Kit | Guardian - 30800
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems ( Rope )
Our Price: $1,070.99
Sale Price: $985.99
Savings: $85.00
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems ( Cable )
Our Price: $2,100.00
Sale Price: $1,558.00
Savings: $542.00

4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline Kit
Our Price: $989.99
Sale Price: $854.16
Savings: $135.83
PRO-Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline DBI-Sala 2 Person Roofer's Fall Protection Kit - HLL System | 7611907 Guardian Absorbinator Lifeline Kit (Under 60 Ft.) | 15044
PRO-Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline
Our Price: $525.00
Sale Price: $452.94
Savings: $72.06

Guardian Horizontal Absorbinator Lifeline Kit - Under 60 Ft./Premium Cross Arm Straps | 15070 Guardian Horizontal Absorbinator Lifeline - Over 60 Ft/Premium Cross Arm Straps |15073 Guardian Big Boss Hitchclip Horizontal Lifeline Kit - 82' | 30812
Guardian Big Boss EcoAnchor HLL Kit - 82' | 04634 Guardian Polyester Horizontal Lifeline - 60' | 04628

Types of Lifeline Kits

Horizontal lifelines (HLLs) work with both your fall arrest and fall restraint systems. A fall arrest system stops a fall and the ensuing injuries. A fall restraint system, on the other hand, prevents falls by keeping workers away from a hazardous area as a proactive measure. It allows a worker to move more freely than a system with standard anchor points. We carry both types. Vertical lifelines, as the name suggests, are essential for jobs that involve climbing tasks and for use with ladder safety systems. Unlike horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines support a single worker. You can use a horizontal lifeline to protect more than one worker on the same system. Used with a rope grab, a vertical lifeline gives you the freedom of movement for any vertical climbing job. They are one component of a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) that also includes a body harness and anchor point. Our line of lifeline kits has systems that include basic components to a full PFAS complete with body harnesses. Whatever your needs or budget, we have a lifeline kit for you.

Horizontal Lifeline Kits

Our line of horizontal lifeline kits include those made with both lightweight rope systems and heavy-duty cable options for use with a standard 5,000 lb rated anchorage connector. Our selection of lifeline kits can match the safety equipment with any job. Harness Land offers portable, lightweight kits to take job to job. You’ll find horizontal lifelines as well as a complete fall protection kit. You can use them in a broad range of applications whether it’s a roofing job or general construction. We proudly offer products from recognized leaders in the industry including DBI SALA Fall Protection and Guardian Fall Protection.

Absorbinator Lifeline Kit

Harness Land offers several styles of the Guardian Absorbinator Lifeline Kits where you need a permanent HLL system. These easy-to-install kits include a selection of accessories for a variety of configuration options to absorb the force generated by falls when used with two anchorage connectors. Absorbinator Lifeline kits are available as both under and over 60 feet lifeline systems.

Protection for Roofers

With over 40 years of experience, Harness Land offers lifeline kits for special work settings including roofing jobs. Our DBI-Sala 2 Person Roofer's Fall Protection Kit is a fall protection system for two users. It includes everything you need to get on the job quickly and safely with a horizontal lifeline, two reusable roof anchors, two harnesses, two rope adjusters with lanyards, and two lifelines. Do you need to add to your existing setup? The Big Boss Hitchclip Horizontal Lifeline Kit includes all the gear you need for reliable roof fall protection with a horizontal lifeline, three HitchClip Anchors, and a backpack for storing and transporting your equipment to the next work site.

Temporary Horizontal Lifelines

Harness Land also carries temporary horizontal lifelines that are portable and easy to install to keep you safe wherever the job takes you. The PRO-Line™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline is a lightweight and reliable solution for two workers. The kits include a web lifeline and two tie-off adaptors with a built-in shock absorber to reduce the force of a fall that has been arrested. Do you need a system with greater flexibility? Our Polyester Horizontal Lifeline is a reusable, 2-person system with a polyester rope, O-rings, cross arm straps, rope tensioner and self-locking carabiners. You can customize the kit to fit your needs with rope available in 30, 60, and 100-foot lengths.

Fall Restraint System

A fall restraint system is the OSHA-preferred fall protection because it keeps workers from approaching a fall hazard. TheBig Boss EcoAnchor HLL Kit uses a counterweight anchorage connector for an easy to install a temporary system for two users that doesn’t require penetration of the substrate. Water provides the necessary weight with the Big Boss Fiber HLL System. It’s lightweight and portable. Lifeline kits are one of the several types of connecting devices you can use with a PFAS. Our horizontal lifeline kits give your crew the flexibility to work safely and efficiently whether you need a temporary or permanent solution. We can outfit your crew right if you need a fall arrest or fall restraint system. Our lifelines include options for customizing your kit with different rope lengths and accessories with options available for a variety of work settings. Harness Land carries a wide selection of lifelines for all of your fall protection needs. Whether you want to complement an existing setup or need a complete solution, we have what you need to be safe on the job. Safety is our business. With our many years of experience in fall protection, our team can help you choose the gear that is right for you. We sell only OSHA and ANSI-compliant gear and accessories from trusted companies selling high-quality equipment. We stand behind all our products. Your purchase is safe on our secure website.