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Safety Goggles

A major component of construction safety is making sure the eyes are safe. Out of nearly three of five injured workers were not wearing eye protection at the time of an accident. Often if they were wearing protection it was the wrong kind for the job. Injuries like this point to when you’ll need to utilize safety goggles to protect a worker from the inherent dangers unique to a construction site. Eye injuries cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year. They can be simply avoided through picking up a pair of good goggles.
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Safety in Action

The importance of safety goggles cannot be understated. Personal protective equipment includes a long range of items such as glasses, goggles, and a hybrid mix of both. The majority of injuries come from particles and objects that come from dust, wood debris, and metal fragments. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), these materials are the ones that cause the most damage. Many items that injure the eye were incredibly small in nature.

Injured workers could do better with goggles then safety glasses at times. A snug fit of glasses will do but won’t stop the potential debris from hitting the sides of the unprotected eye. Many injuries occur from flying or falling objects and the sparks that accompany them.

Important Safety Factors

Goggles need to be reinforced, as the most important injury to protect against is impact projection. Lenses should be durable enough to withstand objects that can cause harm to the eyes. A good set of goggles should also not impede vision so you’ll be able to see around you. They will have built in anti-fog mechanisms to stop the buildup of water vapor inhibiting sight.

Injuries that can occur range from blunt force trauma that can injure other areas on the face, specifically around the eyes. Goggles play a major role in reinforcing this area by halting anything coming in through the peripheral sides.

Degrees of Protection

Craft workers are at the highest rate of eye injury followed by construction workers, electricians and plumbers. Governing bodies of protection like (NIOSH) recommend taking into account regulatory requirements and the nature of work when picking out safety goggles.

Think about what types of things you may be exposed to and how goggles fit into the overall safety picture when adding other safety equipment. If you have other personal vision needs, those will have to be added onto the goggles or worn under them. Comfortable eyewear should be taken into account so that all areas of sight are still there, while utilizing all sides of protection. The importance is that objects and debris cannot circumvent the protective layer of goggle by going through in, under, or around them in any way. Protective goggles aren’t going to anybody any good if they aren’t worn around their eyes and instead hang over the neck or on top of the head. Goggles can be a comfortable fit to ensure they’re used and become a safety measure in the workplace.

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