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Working on projects that require being suspended above the ground can be dangerous. That's why it's important to invest in the right rescue supplies, such as safety ladders and rope rescue systems. With equipment from 3M, Latchways and Gotcha, you can rest assured that you and your fellow workers will stay safe in any situation. Whether work takes you up a telephone pole or has you dangling from a harness halfway down a building, you can rely on quality rescue systems for peace of mind.

Workers who spend any length of time in a harness may experience suspension trauma, a condition that can be made worse by the trauma from a fall. Suspension trauma straps relieve pressure by letting workers to stand in their harnesses. Along with an emergency rope ladder, this equipment can be invaluable in the event of a fall, allowing workers to bring themselves to safety as quickly as possible.

All of our rope rescue systems are designed to comply with OSHA guidelines and to offer maximum strength and safety. And with free shipping on all orders, you can score a great deal on our rescue supplies too.
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Guardian 10733 Trauma Strap Gotcha Kit - USGOTCHA Suspension trauma safety straps
Trauma Suspension Straps
Our Price: $32.92

Gotcha Kit
Our Price: $1,333.50

Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 100M Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit First-Man-Up Remote Anchoring System | DBI-SALA 2104531
Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 325 ft.
Our Price: $2,198.00
Rescue Ladder - Guardian 10817 Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladder Kit - Guardian 15023 Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladder Kit - Guardian 15046
Self-Rescue Ladder
Our Price: $188.00
Working Suspension Chair EXTREME FS982 FSP Rescue Support Steps | FS902 Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladder
Working Suspension Chair
Our Price: $290.00
Savings: $45.00

3M and DEUS Escape Kit | IE37-Series Descent Rescue Kits Fall Protection Lifeline Rope 5/8" X 600 ft. Polydac Rollgliss Fisk Descender | 2103189
3M and DEUS Escape and Descent Kit
Our Price: $2,198.00
Savings: $920.72
Fisk Descender
Our Price: $273.00
FSP Confined Space Rescue System - Includes Tripod, 50' 3-Way System, Winch & Carry Bag | FS980 DBI-SALA Remote Anchoring System with 6-12 Ft. Adjustable Pole | 2104527 DBI-SALA Remote Anchoring System with 8-16 Ft. Adjustable Pole | 2104528
Guardian Rescue Ladder Kit in Bag - 18' | 10819 FSP Confined Space Rescue System - Includes Tripod, 50' 3-Way System & Carry Bag | FS981

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A specialized rescue product designed for extreme cases in which a rescuer needs to be lowered head-first into a confined space to perform a rescue. Many of our products let the rescuer be lowered comfortably into a confined space, harness the victim, and raise both victim and rescuer out of a confined space or out of a potentially hazardous area. Our rescue supplies consists of an adjustable lifting strap, an adjustable victim strap, ankle harnesses, carabineers, storage bags and much more. Harness Land rescue systems are brought to you from the most trusted brands, and can be used with any confined space retrieval equipment such as tripods and davits.

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Harness Land provides tested and proven rope access harnesses and equipment, technical rope rescue equipment, hardware and training gear for fire rescue teams, work-at-height professionals, rope access and search & rescue organizations. Sharing a pride in product quality, value and workmanship, but above all, service to both career and volunteer rope rescue and rope access professionals. We offer rope rescue systems from the most trusted brands in rope protection such as DBI-SALA, Guardian and FSP. Check out all of what Harness Land has to offer by scrolling below.

Browse our selection of rescue equipment including bucket rescue kits, auto descent devices, water and fire rescue, patient care, emergency equipment and first aid supplies, as well as other rescue components. While no two rescue operations are the same, we have all the rescue equipment required to meet your safety needs. Order today for security and peace of mind!