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Harness & Lanyard Kits

There are a number of different construction jobs that require workers involved with heights and places they can fall from. There are multiple ways employers protect workers from falls. Some of these are through guardrail systems, safety nets, and harness and lanyards kits. The practice of applying safe work practices and fall protection systems is one of the ways construction sites and other job sites limit fall damage to their workers.
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Universal Harness Lanyard Combo with rebar hook Guardian Aerial Lift Kit - 17200 Lil B - Bucket of Safe Tie
Universal Harness Lanyard Combo with rebar hook
Our Price: $95.12
Savings: $9.88
Guardian Aerial Lift Kit - 17200
Our Price: $117.00

Li'L B of Safe-Tie
Our Price: $86.79
Protecta Harness and Lanyard combination kit - AB17533 Delta Arc Flash Harness and Lanyard Kit - Large | 1150054 Delta Arc Flash Harness and Lanyard Kit - X-Large | 1150058
Protecta Aerial Lift Kit - AB17533
Our Price: $83.50
Sale Price: $72.00
Savings: $11.50

DBI-Sala 2 Person Roofer's Fall Protection Kit - HLL System | 7611907
Fall Guidelines

The usage of designated areas and control zones are permitted and enforced by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) to stop these injuries from ever occurring. Fall hazards are laid out before and during any construction while supplying the necessary fall protection. If a system is put into place it is smart to know how these systems are used to ensure workers know how to use them safely.

Different lanyards are available for fall damage that comes in shock absorbing and non-shock absorbing styles. There are different kinds with optional snap hook connections and rebar hook connections. All of these features are adjustable and allow for ample room that doesn’t impede movement but protects from excess slack that can increase free fall length. They should be used as restraints and not part of an overall fall arrest system. That is when harnesses come in.

Safety harnesses are the most important piece of equipment in high elevation. These harnesses are built to meet any range of difficult or dangerous amount of jobs. The select group of high-end harnesses have the ability to handle any type of job. These are all (OSHA) and (ANSI) compliant that helps get the job done safely and in an efficient manner.

Reducing Injury and Fatalities

The first order of business is to avoid or engineer out any fall hazards. It can be as simple as moving the manual work to the ground or eliminating the height a worker has to go unassisted. The addition of platforms, railing and toe boards supply secure access for construction work.

One of the first things to take into account is positioning that requires a select group of criteria in safety. Devices that hold workers in place are important to have, followed by an anchor point that can hold a worker. Full-body harnesses equipped with belts and secured to any other equipment is an essential piece if a fall does occur.

Harness & Lanyard Setup

A full body harness should wrap around the waist, shoulders and legs. When properly connected in the event of a fall, it will spread the impact throughout the lower part of the body, reducing impact in the abdominal area.

Fall damage can be mitigated depending on the lanyard material type, fall distance and weight of the worker. A good sturdy shock absorber lanyard is essential in limiting damage. A lanyard can both restrain workers in positions and arrest a fall before going down to low. Always make sure to buy the best groupings of safety equipment, inspect each piece and be competent enough to use and understand it.