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Fall Arrest Accessories

Fall arrest accessories increase the versatility of a system to allow for special uses with a personal fall arrest system (PFAS). A PFAS has three parts: an anchor point, body harness, and connecting device. Backed by over 40 years of experience in fall protection, Harness Land carries a wide array of accessories to customize your PFAS to fit your needs for every job. Continue reading to learn more about the Harness Land product line of quality products.
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Guardian Beamer 2000 Beam Anchor | Guardian 00101 Guardian Beamer 2000+ Beam Anchor | Guardian 00102 Anti Inversion / Anti Panic 5/8" trailing rope grab | Elk River 19260
Guardian Beamer 2000
Our Price: $243.23
Sale Price: $183.50
Savings: $59.73

Guardian Beamer 2000+
Our Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $183.99
Savings: $58.24

5/8” Rope Grab with 1-1/4” Ring Anti Inversion / Anti Panic
Our Price: $94.00
Sale Price: $79.99
Savings: $14.01

CB-18 Anchor for Wood and Steel | Guardian 00657 Guardian Beamer 3000 Beam Anchor for a Fall Arrest System | 00104 Guardian 10733 Trauma Strap
Guardian Beamer 3000
Our Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $280.00
Savings: $19.99

Trauma Suspension Straps
Our Price: $32.92

CB-18 Weld-On Post | Guardian 10655 Roof Top Anchor - For Metal, Concrete, Wood Roofs | DBI 2100133 Roof Top Anchor - For Standing Seam Roofs | DBI 2100138
CB-18 Weld-On Post
Our Price: $386.00
Sale Price: $285.00
Savings: $101.00

Rope Positioning Device Assembly | Guardian Fall Protection Gotcha Kit - USGOTCHA Suspension trauma safety straps
Gotcha Kit
Our Price: $1,333.50

Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 100M Static Wire Rope Grab | DBI SALA 5000338 Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit
Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 325 ft.
Our Price: $2,198.00
HitchClip Roof Jack | Guardian 10572 Wire Rope - 3/8" Aircraft Cable First-Man-Up Remote Anchoring System | DBI-SALA 2104531
HitchClip Roof Jack [ Set of 2 ]
Our Price: $294.00
Savings: $56.00
Wire Rope - 3/8" Aircraft Cable
Our Price Per Foot: $1.39 Order qt. by length per each foot
Absorbinator Lifeline Kit 3/8" Drop Forged Wire Rope Clamp Aluminum Tripod with Salalift II Winch | DBI-SALA 8300030
Lad-Safâ„¢ Grab Bar Extension Top Bracket for Fixed Ladder
Model: 6116336 DBI-SALA Top Bracket Assembly for use with 6116336 Grab Bar Extension
Model: 6116054 Working Suspension Chair EXTREME FS982
Working Suspension Chair
Our Price: $290.00
Savings: $45.00

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Beamers or sliding beam anchors allow for horizontal movement either overhead or at foot level along steel beams with easy one-handed operation. You can use the OSHA and ANSI-compliant Guardian Beamers on beams from 3 ½ to 14” wide I-beam flange up to 1 ¼” thick to suit any job. The 5/8” Rope Grab with 1-1/4” Ring Anti Inversion / Anti Panic features an anti-inversion/anti-panic system that keeps workers locked on the lifeline if they reach for it during a fall. , one of our most popular products, fits the most common cable diameter sizes. It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. It provides the flexibility of a rope grab that you can move anywhere along the rope lifeline with a cam locking system for added safety.

Anchor Points

Anchor points are the secure attachments that make up a PFAS for use as both a temporary or a permanent fixture. Harness Land has you covered whether you work on concrete, metal, or wood roofs or if you need an anchor point for steel beams. Our line includes options for use on whatever connecting device you use whether you use retractable lifelines to rope grab units to horizontal lifeline systems. Need an anchor point for an aluminum, steel or stainless steel standing seam roofs? Our Suspension Trauma Safety Strap gives you the protection and peace of mind with an accessory that will allow you to assume an upright position should you have an arrested fall. The risk lies with suspension trauma which can occur if you remain suspended in a harness for any length of time. Staying in a seated position can cause blood to pool in your lower extremities which can lead to dizziness, nausea, and more serious complications. That is why a prompt rescue is critical. Our trauma safety strap will allow you to relieve the pressure in your lower body by allowing you to stand until help arrives.

Rescue Kits

Harness Land carries the Gotcha Kit line of remote rescue kits to allow your team to act quickly after a fall that has been arrested. The kits come pre-assembled and include an anchor sling, extension pole for remote attachment, the Grabba for rapid rescue, rope, and a backpack gear bag for easy transport. The Gotcha Original Kit is available for rescues from 55 to 220 feet with rope lengths of 160 to 650 feet. The Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit includes its trademark constant rate device to raise or lower a victim to a point of safety. It is available with rope lengths of 195 and 325 feet. The Gotcha Rescue Kit make prompt rescue possible for a single trained user who meets the requirements for training set out in ANSI /ASSE Z359.1. You can use it with either conscious or unconscious victim and with either lanyards or self-retracting lifelines.

Specialty Accessories

Harness Land also carries a variety of products to serve special fall protection needs. The DBI-SALA First-Man-Up™ Remote Anchoring System provides the ultimate in mobility with a system to allow a work free climb steel structures. For free movement, the Rope Positioning Device Assembly gives workers the security of an automatic locking system. We also have winches, grab bar extensions, clamps, cables, and jacks for customizing your setup to suit any job.

No matter what type of work, we can help complement your existing system with products to improve efficiency. Our product line includes our handpicked selection of trusted, high-quality brands that meet OSHA regulations for providing the best in safety. Your fall arrest system is the single most important purchase you will make to ensure the safety of you and your workers. Whether you need equipment to match a particular job or site, our line of protection gear includes everything to ensure the safety and comfort of your crew. If the unexpected happens, we have you covered with rescue kits you can use on the job for a swift and safe resolution. Harness Land has your back with the best selection of OSHA and ANSI-compliant safety equipment.