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Harness Sizing Charts

Choosing the right size harness is very important safety factor for fall protection. Fall protection harnesses are the last line of defense for 5 million construction workers in situations where fall hazards cannot be completely eliminated. It's not like choosing the right shirt size; just because you wear an X-Large shirt doesn't mean you need a X-Large harness or even a large harness. For instance, a 6 foot, 210 lb. person probably wears an X-Large shirt, but a medium size harness is usually the right choice. Also take into account if you will be wearing thicker clothing underneath which in such cases you most likely want to get the next size up. Take a look at our manufacturer's sizing charts below, to help you choose the correct size based on your weight and height.

Find the Right Fitting Harness

Safety harnesses are the most essential protection for working at heights. Harness Land provides fall protection harnesses that are built to adhere to the requirements of a wide variety of dangerous jobs. We work with many industries, including construction, telecom, sewage, wind energy. We bring companies across the nation the top options in OSHA and ANSI-compliant fall protection harnesses to assist you and your employees in getting the job done with a wide sense of efficiency and safety. For more than four decades, Harness Land has been providing the highest-quality harnesses, lanyards, lifelines and more to all industries that require fall protection. If you’re looking for the best harnesses for dangerous jobs, take a look at some of our more popular products:

Guardian Velocity

If you’re looking for safety, convenience and comfortability, look no further than a fall protection harness from Guardian Velocity. As one of the more economical options, these harnesses are popular throughout many industries, presenting a professional look while working on the job, without foregoing durability and utility.

Guardian Velocity Harness with Pass Thru Legs

The Guardian Fall Protection, Universal Velocity Harness, is Harness Land’s most popular fall protection harness. Featuring a 5-point Velocity with an anti-slip black placard, you’ll stay more comfortable for longer periods of time, which will increase your productivity while also increasing safety. This harness includes an impact indicator that tells the user if the item has been in a fall. Guardian Velocity Universal Harness with Pass Thru Legs comes with a super-sized D-ring on the back which is compatible for safe connection to any manufacturer’s ANSI-compliant fall protection system. It also includes an added safety feature in the form of a safety strap in the back of the harness that protects the worker from falling out of the harness and injuring themselves.

Guardian Harness Sizing Chart

DBI Sala Fall Protection Fitting

Harness land offers premium DBI SALA harnesses at the best prices. We carry a large assortment of top-tier DBI SALA fall protection equipment, while keeping our prices among the lowest on the market. Featuring repel webbing, universal sizes, removable seats, hip pads, impact indicators, and lanyard keepers, these harnesses are designed to provide extra protection and comfort. From tower climbing harnesses to water-repellent safety harnesses, we have you covered when it comes to DBI SALA fall protection.

ExoFit NEX™ Rope Access and Rescue Harnesses

Featuring the most advanced fall protection technology in the industry, the ExoFit NEX™ Rope Access & Rescue Harnesses offer premium protection in an innovative harness that will protect you through any dangerous job. This harness offers a diverse set of rescue tools for the individual performing rescue and emergency services, industrial rope access and rigging, wind energy and tower maintenance, and arborist activities. With ExoFit NEX™ Rope Access and Rescue Harness, Tech-Lite™ aluminum front, back and side D-rings, Duo-Lok™ locking quick-connect buckles and hybrid comfort padding, this harness optimizes your rescue operation with its advanced design.

DBI SALA Fall Protection by 3MDBI SALA Harness Sizing Chart

DBI SALA Harness Sizing Chart

Protecta Harnesses Sizing

Protecta makes it easy to meet compliance standard. As the most economical option in fall protection systems, Protecta offers a number of high-quality harnesses that comply with all OSHA and ANSI standards, and will keep your workers safe, productive and happy!

Protecta PRO™ Construction Harness

The all new, fully-functional Protecta PRO™ construction harness incorporates an improved fit, color options, and lightweight yet durable design. With greater comfort and a boost in safety, your workers will feel less fatigued and be able to work more efficiently in the Protecta PRO. If you’re searching for value and performance, go with Protecta!

Protecta Fall Protection by 3M Protecta Harness Sizing Chart

Protecta Harness Sizing Chart

3M™ Fall Protection Sizing

3M is one of the biggest suppliers to the fall protection industry in the world, so it makes sense that Harness Land offers a wide amount 3M products! If you’re looking for a trusted product at premium quality, 3M provides the harness that fits the solution.

3M™ SafeLight Fall Protection Harness

The SafeLight Fall Protection Harness is intelligently-designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. Featuring pass thru chest connection, pass thru leg connection, back D-ring, lanyard storage and web keepers, this entry level harness is constructed to provide every worker with economical, yet valuable protection when working at heights.

3M Harness Sizing Chart for older generation models

3M Harness Sizing Chart3M Harness Belt Sizing Chart

SafeWaze Harness Sizing

SafeWaze emphasizes harness innovations and ergonomics in each and every design they put forth. SafeWaze is committed to providing fall protection customers with an all-around safety assurance by conducting third party testing on all of their products. This attention to technological innovations and testing puts Fall Safe USA at the forefront of the fall protection safety industry when it comes to product standards.

SafeWaze Universal Harness with Tongue Buckle Legs

This universal-sized harness features dual lanyard parks or lanyard keepers, a back D-ring for lanyard or retractable lifeline connections, and grade 10 webbing. With a weight capacity of 310 lbs., SafeWaze Universal Harness with Tongue Buckle Legs will keep your workers safe from any fall, meeting these applicable standards, OSHA 1926-502, ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI A10.32 2004. The best part? It’s made entirely in the USA!

The harness you buy is the most important choice of equipment to keep you or your workers safe. Design and craftsmanship plays a huge role in how your fall protection harness will fit you. When determining the right size of your harness, analyze the job you’re doing and what the most important features are for getting the job done right, and safely. So whether you’re working in general industry, construction, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, telecommunications, mining, or wind energy, you’ll be protected day in and day out.

SafeWaze Harness Sizing Chart

SafeWaze Harness sizing chart

Miller Fall Protection Sizing

Miller Fall Protection are among the leaders of innovation in fall protection harnesses. Miller Fall Protection is a household name in the industry and proves they are a Titan in manufacturing top of the line fall arrest gear. From their Titan harnesses to their AirCore & Revolution harnesses you will find great economical options and plenty of elite premium grade harnesses to choose from. When it comes to comfort & innovation Miller has you covered and they stay up to date with all current OSHA & ANSI regulations. Everyone knows the Miller brand on job sites, wear Miller and go unquestioned by the strictest Safety director and job Superintendents.

Miller Fall Protection Harness Sizing Chart

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