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Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines offer an effective and safe solution for fall protection in situations where a passive form of protection like a gate or guard rail isn’t possible. They give workers the freedom of movement without continually having to reattach themselves again to a system with standard anchor points. Harness Land carries a wide selection of horizontal lifelines to suit any job.
Our line of horizontal lifelines runs the gamut from lightweight temporary solutions to permanent multi-span systems—and everything in between. With over 40 years of experience in fall protection, we can find the OSHA and ANSI-compliant gear to fit the specifications of whatever your job needs. Continue reading to see our full selection of fall protection solutions.
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Guardian Beamguard Stanchion Post SecuraSpan Horizontal Lifeline System 60 ft. - 7400460 EZ-Line Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System | DBI 7605060
Guardian BeamGuard - Standard
Our Price: $1,440.00
Sale Price: $1,030.00
Savings: $410.00
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems | Kernmantle Rope DBI-SALA Sayfline Cable Horizontal Lifeline Systems Cable Horizontal Lifeline System
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems ( Rope )
Our Price: $1,070.99
Sale Price: $985.99
Savings: $85.00
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems ( Cable )
Our Price: $2,100.00
Sale Price: $1,558.00
Savings: $542.00

Kernmantle Rope Horizontal Lifeline System 4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline Kit | Guardian - 30800 Wire Rope - 3/8" Aircraft Cable
4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline Kit
Our Price: $989.99
Sale Price: $854.16
Savings: $135.83
Wire Rope - 3/8" Aircraft Cable
Our Price Per Foot: $1.39 Order qt. by length per each foot
Absorbinator Lifeline Kit 3/8" Drop Forged Wire Rope Clamp Horizontal Lifeline Kit -Black Polyester
Intermediate BeamGuard PRO-Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Rafter Guard
Intermediate BeamGuard
Our Price: $1,056.56
PRO-Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline
Our Price: $525.00
Sale Price: $452.94
Savings: $72.06

Rafter Guard
Our Price: $1,566.00
Bolt Pass-Thru Top DBI-Sala Wedge Grip Horizontal Lifeline Termination Device | 7608008 FSP Portable Web Horizontal Lifeline | FS804
Bolt Pass-Thru Top
Our Price: $79.00
FSP Portable Rope Horizontal Lifeline - 60' | FS805 FSP Portable Cable Horizontal Lifeline | FS806 Sayfline Cable Horizontal Lifeline System - 40 ft. | 7602040
SecuraSpan Pour-in-Place Horizontal Lifeline System - 20 ft. | 7400220 SecuraSpan Pour-in-Place Horizontal Lifeline System - 30 ft. | 7400230 SecuraSpan Pour-in-Place Horizontal Lifeline System - 40 ft. | 7400240
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Temporary Horizontal Lifelines

Harness Land has both temporary and permanent horizontal lifelines. Temporary horizontal lifelines are the ideal solution that combines a lightweight system that is portable to take to every job. They are portable and reusable for an economical choice for fall protection. You’ll find kits with a variety of accessory options to make your product fit the job and its particular requirements. You’ll appreciate the flexibility of being to customize your horizontal lifelines at an affordable price while not sacrificing the safety of you or your workers. The Protecta PRO-Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline include two tie-off adaptors for simple anchorage to an anchor point. It’s an affordable and versatile choice for a temporary system. It includes a built-in shock absorber and a visual impact indicator. The easy to install system helps you get set up and on the job quickly. For a greater range of applications, the Portable Web Horizontal Lifeline is a two-person system that includes cross-arm straps, snap hooks for structural connection, movable D-rings for lanyard connection, and a ratchet-type web tensioner to give your crew the flexibility to match fall protection needs to the work site. It’s a smart choice for the contractor who works on a variety of jobs.

Permanent Horizontal Lifelines

Harness Land offers several permanent horizontal lifelines solutions when you need a system to stay in place for follow up work and maintenance. Our product line includes the Sayfline Permanent Multi-Span Horizontal Lifeline Systems that comes in lengths from 20 to 180 feet to match your workplace. You can create customizable multi-span configurations with all the necessary mounting hardware, bypassable intermediate brackets, and Zorbit energy absorber to limit the impact of stopped falls. They are available in both stainless steel and multi-span cable horizontal lifeline systems.

Pour-in-Place Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Our line also includes the SecuraSpan Pour-in-Place Horizontal Lifeline Systems in 20 to 60 feet lengths. These systems provide overhead horizontal mobility in concrete construction jobs. They have two posts, concrete sleeve and cable assembly with a galvanized cable lifeline and a Zorbit energy absorber.

Loop Rebar Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Harness Land’s product line includes the SecuraSpan Loop Rebar Horizontal Lifeline Systems for lengths from 20 to 60 feet for concrete loop rebar. The systems include two stanchions and lifeline assembly that will fit ½ to 4 ½ inch diameter loop rebar. You can customize it to fit your specifications with accessories and additional components.

I-Beam Horizontal Lifeline System

The SecuraSpan I-Beam Horizontal Lifeline Systems come in sizes from 20 to 60 feet that will fit 6 to 12 inch wide and up to 2 ¼ inch thick I-beam flanges. The systems use a simple clamp and wing nut installation. They come complete with a galvanized cable lifeline, two stanchions, and cable assembly. Like our other horizontal lifeline systems, you can customize your setup with additional accessories and component.

Rebar/Shear Stud Horizontal Lifeline System

Harness Land strives to be your one-stop site for all of your fall protection needs that serve all types of jobs. The SecuraSpan Rebar/Shear Stud Horizontal Lifeline System are another example of the right solution for your job. Like other products in the SecuraSpan line, you’ll find systems of different lengths with numerous configurations possible.

Types of Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Harness Land offers the Sayfline line of Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline Systems and Cable Horizontal Lifeline Systems in a broad range of lifeline lengths for a lightweight and portable fall protection system to accommodate two crew members. The synthetic systems include a tensioner, energy absorber, and two six-foot tie-off adaptors with a kernmantle rope horizontal lifeline. The cable systems come with a galvanized cable lifeline, wedgegrip termination, turnbuckle tensioner and a Zorbit energy absorber. You can choose the length and type to fit your job’s needs.

Horizontal Absorbinator Lifeline

Our selection of horizontal lifelines would not be complete without the Horizontal Absorbinator Lifeline systems in both over and under 60 feet. They offer maximum flexibility with many configurations. Each system includes cross arm straps, CB Anchors, column and ceiling mounting functionality, and much more to meet the requirements of any application. Horizontal lifelines offer a way to provide optimal fall protection for you and your crew at sites where passive protection isn’t possible. They provide your workers with the flexibility and mobility to perform their jobs in a productive manner while ensuring their safety. Harness Lands offers a complete line of systems that serve a broad range of applications. Whether it is a roofing job or concrete construction work, we have a solution to fit your needs and budget. With the ability to create customized configurations, you can be sure that your crew will be safe no matter where the job takes you.