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OSHA-Approved Hard Hats

Use your head - Keep your noggin safe with Harness Land’s outstanding selection of construction hard hats!

Construction work requires proper protection, especially when it comes to headgear. Construction hats are essential for workers whose jobs place them in potentially hazardous situations. Lightweight yet strong, our hard hats can be purchased in a variety of colors for identification purposes or to guarantee that workers can always be seen in the hectic environment of a construction site.

Our OSHA-approved hard hats meet quality standards designed to ensure that every hard hat for construction will preserve the safety of the wearer. Hats from V-Gard, Jackson Safety and Skullgard are all made to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, keeping workers safe from head trauma and the resulting potential for brain injury. Skullgard hard hats feature fiberglass construction while other hard hats with full brims are made from materials like high density polyethylene. All are excellent choices. These rugged hats stand up to trauma, staying intact to protect workers in all situations. Order today for free shipping!
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V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hat - white by MSA 475369 Skullgard Full Brim Hard Hat by MSA - Tan # 475407 DAX FULL BRIM HARD HAT
Our Price: $93.00
DAX CARBON FIBER FULL BRIM HARDHAT Orange Blockhead Full Brim Hard Hat by Jackson Safety Charger Hard Hat with Ratchet Suspension by Jackson Safety
Python Safety Hard Hat Coil Tether - 10 Pack | 1500061 Python Safety Hard Hat Coil Tether - 100 Pack | 1500062 North Peak A59 Hard Hat Pinlock Suspension
Hard Hats from Harness Land

Wherever your construction workers are faced with falling objects, flying objects, impacts or bumps, Harness Land has a hard hat that will be there to protect them. Adjustable, durable and dependable, our construction hats and accessories provide trustworthy and comforting head protection. With stylish, lightweight shells, adjustable suspension height and comfortable insides, these hard hats are what your employees need to stay productive and safe throughout each work day.

Browse our entire selection of construction hardhats by selecting your desired price or manufacturer above. Harness Land’s hard hat stock covers a wide array of colors and styles, including Class C, Class E and Class G. All of our construction hats come with every part you need to stay safe - including the shell and suspension insert.

Construction hats need to be certified with a specific classification, dependent upon the kind of protection they provide. The classes listed above, including C, E and G, refer to the amount of protection they provide against certain electrical voltages. Class E will provide the highest caliber of protection, up to 2,200 volts, while class C provides no electrical safety protection. We also carry both types of construction hats - including Type I and Type II. Type II will keep both the top and sides of your head protected from impact, whereas Type I provides top-impact protection only and are much more common.

In addition to meeting OSHA standards, we provide many hard hats that feature other useful features, such as rain and UV protection. Many of our construction hats also include built-in accessory slots that can handle such elements as earmuffs, visors and more. Our hard hats are available in a number of different materials, from fiberglass, aluminium and HDPE high-density plastic.

Comprehensive Hard Hat Protection

Along with being a top supplier of fall protection, Harness Land is a top retailer for the best names in construction hard hats. Now you can combine your fall protection harness with the hard hat you need to keep your entire body safe and productive.

As a child company to a huge distributor of contractor and builder supplies, our vision of hard hat safety goes above and beyond what other fall protection companies offer. We understand the importance of giving the proper tools to workers so they can get their work done effectively and efficiently

Construction workers need more than just a hard hat in many situations, which is why Harness Land is also leading supplier of lanyards, lifelines, safety harnesses and compliance kits. If you’re looking for a comprehensive fall protection outfit, browse HarnessLand.com to see the other construction protection we offer.

If you’re ready to have the best construction hard hats money can buy, choose Harness Land - where Saving You is What We Do!

About Harness Land

Harness Land provides unbeatable pricing and unparalleled customer service to construction sites across the world. With over four decades of experience in supplying construction hard hats to builders, contractors and workers, we’ve been at the forefront of our industry in terms of safety standards. All sales made on HarnessLand.com come with peace of mind, including a secure and encrypted sales process.

We treat every customer with the utmost respect, preferring the old-fashioned way of business. Though we’ve started offering our products online, our customer service style comes without exaggerations or trumped-up sales speak. Whether we lose money on your hard hat order, it’s more important to provide you, the customer, with an outstanding experience -- every time.

Our customer service team is in-house and most of our representatives have been within the construction industry for decades. We don’t hire an outsourcer just so we can save a nickle and dime. They’re ready to field your question or concern, no matter how big or small. Our team will have an answer for your hard hat inquiry.

We take service seriously and have brought that into HarnessLand.com. As an authorized dealer for every brand that we sell, almost every item stocked in our warehouse ships directly from the manufacturer. Although it’s an online sale, we still treat our customers as though they’re at the counter of our store, friendly and helpful. Since 1968 we’ve been diligently serving our industries. If you have any questions, please contact us now.

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Whether you’re constructing a road, bridge, mine, house, building or a manufacturing plant, hard hats are the first and only line of defence when it comes to protecting worker’s heads from injury. Harness Land is here for you should you need any help in choosing the best hard hat for your needs. Contact us today, or take a look around at the selection of construction hard hats above that Harness Land can ship to you right away!