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Non Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Positioning Lanyards and Rebar Chain Assembly's are not used as a fall arrest device. They are for restraint only, to keep workers at a safe distance. There are a few products listed here, that do have a shock absorber pack or integrated shock absorber and are constituted as fall arrest devices.
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18-inch Extension Lanyard | Guardian Fall Protection D-Ring Extender w/ Snap Hook - 18 inch | FS813 D-Ring Anchor extension with Rebar Hook | FS814
Extension Lanyard 18-inch
Our Price: $44.00

Rope Positioning Device Assembly | Guardian Fall Protection PRO D-ring Extension 18" | Protecta 1385000 Rebar Positioning Device | Guardian 01600
PRO D-ring Extension 18"
Our Price: $43.00
Rebar Positioning Device
Our Price: $96.00

Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 3 ft. Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard | Guardian 01255 Positioning Lanyard with Rebar Hook - 01251
Rebar Chain Assembly ANSI Compliant w/ Grade 80 Chain | Guardian 01608 Rope Grab with 18-inch Lanyard | Rope Grab Lanyard Rope Grab Lanyard with 3 foot Shock Absorber
Rebar Web Assembly | Guardian 01610 Chain Rebar Assembly swivel 24" - Protecta Fall Protection Adjustable Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard for positioning
Rebar Web Positioning Device
Our Price: $74.00
Sale Price: $59.50
Savings: $14.50

Protecta Adjustable Positioning Lanyard 4'-6'
Our Price: $59.90
Sale Price: $45.00
Savings: $14.90

Rope Grab with Shock Pack Absorber | Rope Grab Fall Arrester Cynch-Lok Pole Climbing Device - Rope | DBI-SALA 1204057 Cynch-Lok Pole Climbing Device - Web | DBI-SALA 1204057
Rope Grab with Shock Pack
Our Price: $126.10
Cynch-Lok Pole Climbing Device - Rope
Our Price: $785.00
Savings: $171.00

Cynch-Lok Pole Climbing Device - Web
Our Price: $765.00
Savings: $182.00
Web Lanyard Positioning PRO Chain Rebar/Positioning Lanyard | 1350200 DBI-Sala Chain Rebar/Positioning Lanyard with Swiveling Steel Rebar Hook | 5920050
DBI-Sala Chain Rebar/Positioning Lanyard with Swiveling Aluminum Rebar Hook | 5920051 FSP Extreme 6' Rope Positioning Lanyard with Ascender | FS33200 FSP Extreme 6' PolyDac Rope Positioning Lanyard | FS33210
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Which Lanyard is Right for You?

As mentioned above there are many types of lanyards used for many different things, so how do you choose the lanyard that is going to fit your needs best? Here's an overview of the kinds of lanyards and for what they are best suited.

  • Single and Double Leg Lanyard – A single or double leg classification of lanyard refers to the strap system. A single leg has a strap that wraps around one leg, where a double leg lanyard has two straps (one for each leg). This classification has nothing to do with whether it is meant to be used for the purpose of securing someone, or stopping them once they have already begun to fall.

  • Fall Restraint Lanyard – Fall Restraint lanyards are for securing someone into place. This type of lanyard is best suited for someone who will be working in one place and needs to secure themselves as they perform hands-free work to avoid falling. The fall restraint lanyard will do very little if anything if you fall as it is not built to withstand the pressures of a fall.

  • Fall Arrest Lanyards – This type of lanyard is what will stop your fall once it has begun. Fall arrest lanyards are used by those individuals who work at great heights or need to climb steep inclines, such as window washers, high-rise construction workers, and emergency rescue workers.

In addition to these three types of lanyards, there is also shock absorbing and non-shock absorbing. Shock absorption is typically for aiding in stopping someone from falling without causing the tight line to snap and absorbs some of the fall impacts as the individual comes to a stop.

Style Options

Within the categories of lanyards, there are also variations of design, color, and materials. For the most, part safety lanyards are either made from cable, Kevlar, Rope, or Nylon webbing with high-grade steel or aluminum connectors. There are also varieties made from a high-grade chain with steel connectors. Sometimes you will find leather lanyards available as well.

Lanyards have an assortment of clasp options such as:

  • D-Rings

  • O-Rings

  • Carabiners

  • Locking Snap Hooks

  • Rebar Hook made from either steel or aluminum

  • Tie Back Carabiner

  • Squeeze to Move Latches

Additionally, lanyards come with different combinations of clasp attachments for different uses, and in a wide variety of colors to compliment your safety and climbing gear.

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

The purpose of shock absorption in lanyard is to help slow the decent by minimizing the downward forces to 1,800 pounds or less to lessen the impact of the fall on the body and equipment.

However, one size does not fit all when it comes to shock absorption. Most fall arrest lanyard systems are meant for individuals who weigh no more than 310 pounds. For larger individuals, there is a longer version that has more energy absorption and works for people up to 420 pounds.

Within the Shock Absorption lanyard segment, there are two specific types that refer to the design of the lanyard.

  • Pack Style – These are Nylon Polyester webbing that is easily inspected for damage caused by wear and tear.

  • Tubular – The tubular lanyard is a tube constructed out of webbing that can stretch between 4.5 and 6 feet depending on its length. These usually have a crinkled look similar to a hair scrunchy, which makes them harder to inspect.

Things to Consider

Some of the things to consider when you begin looking for your safety lanyards and equipment; first, think about what you will be using this equipment for. You will need different equipment for fall restraint than you will for fall arrest.

Also, think about the tasks that you will be doing for this purpose; will you be securing for hands-free situations, will you be dangling and need a system to catch you if you fall, will you be moving around a lot, etc.

Physical abilities are something to consider as well if you have physical restraints such as arthritis that may make it difficult to squeeze hard to open latches you may need to look for alternative options that will function better for you so that you do not get stuck somewhere.

More than Just Safety

When looking for lanyards or any other type of safety harness protection, whether for work or recreation, you need to know that you are purchasing quality products as they could be the difference between life and death from a reputable manufacturer and dealer.

One such company is HarnessLand.com. This Houston-based company has been in the safety equipment business for over 40 years and takes their job of protecting you very seriously. They make sure that their products are made from the most durable and reliable materials such as using Grade 80 chain for rebar chain lanyards. HarnessLand has made it a priority only to carry high quality, responsible manufacturers, to offer you the best equipment on the market.

HarnessLand.com doesn’t just take your physical safety seriously; they take your financial safety seriously as well. When HarnessLand expanded their business to include online purchases, they took stringent steps to provide the safest checkout possible to protect their customers.

In addition to knowing how to keep you safe, HarnessLand knows their products. Because they maintain their own warehouse as well as customer service lines, they can help you with any questions that you may have. Each HarnessLand associate comes with experience that comes from dealing with these products for many years and is trained to be knowledgeable on all manufacturers that they are certified to sell.

Shop our line of non shock absorbing lanyards and positioning lanyards for fall protection.

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