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Fall Arrest Systems

A personal fall arrest system can be as big and complex as a multi-clamp horizontal lifeline system or as small and simple as lifeline rope. Regardless of size, the job is the same and Harness Land is dedicated to carrying different components you can combine to create a fall arrest system that meets your needs and the needs of the job.

Harness Land carries a range of fall arrest systems from brands you trust like Guardian. Their BeamGuard stanchion posts will mount to a range of steel beams and can be positioned up to 60 feet apart, giving you ultimate range of motion without compromising safety. Pair several of them together in conjunction with a horizontal lifeline to create a strong, safe personal fall arrest system that can be used by two workers at once.

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Guardian Beamer 2000 Beam Anchor | Guardian 00101 CB-12 Roof Anchor | Guardian 00645 Guardian Beamer 2000+ Beam Anchor | Guardian 00102
Guardian Beamer 2000
Our Price: $243.23
Sale Price: $183.50
Savings: $59.73

CB-12 Roof Anchor
Our Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $225.00
Savings: $75.00
Guardian Beamer 2000+
Our Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $183.99
Savings: $58.24

Guardian Beamguard Stanchion Post Vertical Rope Lifeline SafeWaze Anti Inversion / Anti Panic 5/8" trailing rope grab | Elk River 19260
Guardian BeamGuard - Standard
Our Price: $1,440.00
Sale Price: $1,030.00
Savings: $410.00
Rope Lifeline - PolyDacron
Our Price: $56.50

5/8” Rope Grab with 1-1/4” Ring Anti Inversion / Anti Panic
Our Price: $94.00
Sale Price: $79.99
Savings: $14.01

CB-18 Anchor for Wood and Steel | Guardian 00657 SecuraSpan Horizontal Lifeline System 60 ft. - 7400460 Guardian Beamer 3000 Beam Anchor for a Fall Arrest System | 00104
Guardian Beamer 3000
Our Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $280.00
Savings: $19.99

EZ-Line Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System | DBI 7605060 CB-18 Weld-On Post | Guardian 10655 Roof Top Anchor - For Metal, Concrete, Wood Roofs | DBI 2100133
CB-18 Weld-On Post
Our Price: $386.00
Sale Price: $285.00
Savings: $101.00

Roof Top Anchor - For Standing Seam Roofs | DBI 2100138 Rope Positioning Device Assembly | Guardian Fall Protection Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems | Kernmantle Rope
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems ( Rope )
Our Price: $1,070.99
Sale Price: $985.99
Savings: $85.00
DBI-SALA Sayfline Cable Horizontal Lifeline Systems Gotcha Kit - USGOTCHA Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 100M
Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline Systems ( Cable )
Our Price: $2,100.00
Sale Price: $1,558.00
Savings: $542.00

Gotcha Kit
Our Price: $1,333.50

Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 325 ft.
Our Price: $2,198.00
Pro+ Tower Erection Harness | FS227 T Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit Cable Horizontal Lifeline System
Kernmantle Rope Horizontal Lifeline System 4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline Kit | Guardian - 30800 Wire Rope - 3/8" Aircraft Cable
4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline Kit
Our Price: $989.99
Sale Price: $854.16
Savings: $135.83
Wire Rope - 3/8" Aircraft Cable
Our Price Per Foot: $1.39 Order qt. by length per each foot
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Using Fall Arrest Systems Safely

According to OSHA, there are several steps to ensure that you’re using a fall arrest system safely:
Ensure that personal fall arrest systems will, when stopping a fall:
  • Limit maximum arresting force to 1,800 pounds.
  • Be rigged such that an employee can neither free fall more than 6 feet nor contact any lower level.
  • Bring an employee to a complete stop and limit maximum deceleration distance to 3½ feet.
  • Have sufficient strength to withstand twice the potential impact energy of a worker free falling a distance of 6 feet, or the free fall distance permitted by the system, whichever is less
  • Remove systems and components from service immediately if they have been subjected to fall impact, until inspected by a competent person and deemed undamaged and suitable for use.
  • Promptly rescue employees in the event of a fall, or assure that they are able to rescue themselves.
  • Inspect systems before each use for wear, damage, and other deterioration, and remove defective components from service.
  • Do not attach fall arrest systems to guardrail systems or hoists.
  • Rig fall arrest systems to allow movement of the worker only as far as the edge of the walking/working surface, when used at hoist areas.

Lifeline Rope
Harness Land Lifeline Ropes come in all diameters, lengths, strengths and end options, to improve quality and efficiency no matter what job you’re facing. For centuries, rope has been used to fasten, secure and suspend items, whether it’s for raising a sail on a ship or protecting a construction worker from falling. They are particularly handy in scaling heights, giving those workers in the construction, wind energy and telecom industries the freedom to work in dangerous situations. But because rope gets naturally worn out and loses strength, it’s smart to check them before each use. If you’ve noticed wear and tear on a protection rope, it’s recommended to inspect it end to end while rotating the rope. A strong rope will be uniform in diameter, whereas a weak rope will contain varying sizes in diameter around areas that have been weakened by heavy hauls.

If you’re doing tough work, you need the toughest of ropes to keep you safe and productive day in and day out. Fall protection ropes should be used in conjunction with the best safety harnesses, anchorage points shock-absorbing systems. When not using a lifeline, store it in a cool, dry area away from ultraviolet rays which weaken the fibers and overall strength of your rope.

Horizontal Lifelines

Harness Land offers the top names in horizontal lifelines. Fall protection horizontal lifelines are a strong line secured horizontally at each end to an anchorage point. The worker is connected to the line through a personal fall arrest system that lets the user move between the two anchorage points. Horizontal fall arrest systems give the worker more freedom to move about safely if installed and designed correctly. As one of the most complex types of fall protection equipment, these lifelines need support many types of loads for various applications and industries. Common jobs that require the use of a horizontal lifeline include, but aren’t limited to railcar loading, truck loading, roofing, structural framing, and bridge construction.

Stanchion Post
Stanchion post is an upright pole, post, or support, which includes a framework consisting of two or more vertical bars, used to secure a worker at dangerous heights. Whether you’re working in the chemical, construction, oil & gas, utilities, water treatment, or mining industries, a stanchion post is what will keep your horizontal lifeline securely in place, protecting you from any confined or at-height job that comes your way. Stanchion posts will mount to a range of steel beams and can be positioned up to 60 feet apart, giving you ultimate range of motion without compromising safety. Pair several of them together in conjunction with a horizontal lifeline to create a strong, safe personal fall arrest system that can be used by two workers at once.

System Accessories
Harness Land also offers many fall arrest system accessories, from wire ropes, suspension straps, rope clamps, rescue loops, rope grabs, and anchors. Offering a full catalogue with a wide range of fall arrest system accessories from your favorite brands like Guardian, 3M, Fall Safe USA, and Elk River.

Harness Land has been offering the best equipment in the fall arrest industry for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the outstanding customer service we provide, giving workers the tools to keep themselves safe, and giving businesses a way to increase productivity. Our products are built to the strictest specifications, completely OSHA and ANSI-compliant to give you peace of mind when working at heights. Whether you’re searching for lifeline ropes, horizontal lifelines, stanchion posts, or fall arrest system accessories, Harness Land is the company where saving you is what we do!

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