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Construction & Industrial First Aid Kits

As the industry leader in first aid kits, we are proud to provide those working at heights a wide assortment of simple, safe solutions in first aid kits. Compliant with the latest ANSI requirements, these kits are perfect for any emergency situation that you or your workers may encounter.

Every construction site runs the risk of injury, so preparation is the best defense. An ANSI first aid kit can provide essential protection in a variety of emergency situations. These kits conform to the ANSI and OSHA specifications. The kits are available in several sizes to address the needs of 10, 25, 50 or 75 people. Construction safety kits are also required on some construction sites and include eyewash, sterile pads, gauze, tape, exam gloves, scissors, instructions, alcohol and other critical first aid items. Always be prepared for any unexpected situation, and enhance construction site safety with an industrial, construction first aid kit.

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50 person Plastic ANSI first aid Kit w/ Eyewash
Our Price: $47.99
Sale Price: $41.99
Savings: $6.00

75 person Plastic ANSI first aid Kit w/ Eyewash
Our Price: $71.00
Sale Price: $59.50
Savings: $11.50
An Essential Solution in Fall Protection
Harness Land has provided first aid kits to American companies for over four decades. Today, we are honored to be the fall protection industry’s premier first aid kit supplier, offering products that meet ANSI and OSHA standards, as well as portable units, perfect for industrial and commercial working environments. Harness Land provides the first aid kits that will help keep your workplace more safe and more productive.

Our Plastic ANSI/OSHA First Aid Kits with Eyewash are an essential addition to your safety checklist. With regulated first aid items per ANSI 2009 specifications, our kits feature the patented system, Easy Access Pocket System, which makes it much quicker to use in an emergency. With this system of organization, you’re not required to sort through every item in your kit in a pressing situation. Instead, when emergency strikes, you simply open up the Harness Land first aid kit, fold out the distinguishable labeled pockets and immediately see the item you’re looking for.

Harness Land ANSI Compliant First Aid Kits
It’s required to have a first aid on hand when workers are at risk of a fall or are put in any other dangerous working environment. Harness Land stocks a comprehensive line of ANSI-approved first aid kits to treat many different kinds of injury. According to regulations, the rule for first aid kits in the workplace are as follows:

“ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 establishes minimum performance requirements for first aid kits and their supplies that are intended for use in various work environments. Classification of first aid kits, designating the assortment of items and quantity of each item, is based on the anticipated number of users intended to be served by each first aid kit, as well as the complexity of the work environment and level of hazards. First aid kit containers are classified by portability, ability to be mounted, resistance to water and corrosion and impact resistance.”

Don’t be caught in a dangerous situation without the best first aid kit on hand. Harness Land offers first aid kits in sizes ranging from 10 person to 75 person. All of our first aid kits come with eyewash included.

From construction to telecom, we've got the kits to keep you prepared, whether it’s an emergency situation or a small cut on the finger.

Our first aid kits are:
  • Designed for the general construction, telecom, manufacturing, traffic, oil/gas industry and more.
  • Homogeneous packaging keeps product uncontaminated and makes re-ordering easy.
  • 100 percent OSHA and ANSI approved.
  • Portable, suitable for all types of emergency situations.

Harness Land is committed to providing you with quality, high-performance first aid products for the effective treatment of any work-related injuries that your industry faces.

About Harness Land
Harness Land is your source for the best selection of first aid kits and anything fall protection. Whether you need a harness, lanyard, anchor or lifeline, we provide one of the largest selections of fall protection equipment in the industry. All of our gear is made for quality, strictly adhering to OSHA/ANSI regulations for fall protection.

When it comes to fall protection, no one can beat Harness Land in price and service! We’ve been the leaders of in the fall protection industry since 1968. With over four decades of service supplying first aid kits to contractors, builders and workers all throughout the world, we’re the go-to name in workplace safety.

All sales made on HarnessLand.com come with peace of mind, including a secure and encrypted sales process. Our service representatives have been in the fall protection industry for decades, ready to field your call and answer your questions immediately. Plus, our team is in-house and part of our family - we don’t outsource to save a few bucks - we truly care about your safety goals.

We value our hard working customers and have brought that loyalty into HarnessLand.com. As an authorized dealer for all the equipment that we offer, almost all the items in our product line ships directly from the item’s manufacturer. Although we’ve gone digital, we still treat our customers as though they’re at the counter of our store, friendly and helpful.

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Whether you’re in the constructing, mining, manufacturing, telecom or traffic industry, first aid kits are an essential part of keeping your workplace safe and up-to-code. Harness Land is here for you when you have any questions in finding the best first aid kit for your workplace. Contact us today, or take a look around at the selection of first aid kits above that Harness Land will ship to you today!