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Quality 3M fall protection keeps workers safe while on the job. 3M products are designed to work together to create a reliable fall arrest system that absorbs shock and minimizes the risk of injury. A good anchor system and strong 3M lanyard provide fall protection that holds up in all conditions.

Using a self-retracting lifeline allows workers to move easily from one place to another while carrying all the tools that they need for a job. Strong webbing and solid polymer construction offer superior support and protection. Retractable lanyards are an important part of fall protection systems as they are made to absorb shock and reduce force should a fall occur. 3M makes its casings from materials that won't rub, dent or otherwise damage new construction or become damaged by the wear and tear of daily use.

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Latchways Self Retracting Lanyard | 62415-00US M-15 Thor Self Retracting Lifelines by 3M Fall Protection 3M Ameba Construction Harness
50 ft. MSA Reload Retractable Lifeline
Our Price: $698.00
Sale Price: $619.00
Savings: $79.00

Thor Retractable Lifelines 15' cable
Our Price: $264.00
Sale Price: $239.00
Savings: $25.00
3M Ameba Harness
Our Price: $169.70
Ameba Harness 3M Fall Protection 3Mâ„¢ Reusable Roof Anchor Saturn Powerstop Lanyard - 3M 3520
Ameba Harness
Our Price: $98.00
Omega Harness | 3M Fall Protection M1311 BeamWalker III - Sliding Beam Anchor 4650-3 Double Lanyard 6 ft.
Omega Worksafe Harness
Our Price: $189.00

3M™ Beamwalk III Anchor
Our Price: $189.00
Double Lanyard 6 ft.
Our Price: $66.50
SafeClaw Concrete Anchor for Fall Protection | 3M 4075 Shock absorbing lanyard - single leg - Safelight by 3M Fall Protection IronFlex Harness
SafeClaw Concrete Anchor - 4075
Our Price: $89.50
Savings: $17.50
IronFlex Harness
Our Price: $199.00
Retractable Lanyard 16' Web | MS-16 3M Reload Retractable Lifeline 30' Thor Self Retracting Lifelines by 3M Fall Protection
Positioning Belt with Back Pad and 2 side D Rings- 2011 - 3M - Fall Protection Apache Harness 400lb. rated Adjustable Cross Arm Strap
Postioning Belt with Pad - 2011
Our Price: $44.00

Apache Harness 400lb. rated
Our Price: $159.50

Self Retracting Lanyard - 7' Sealed ReLoadâ„¢ Self Retracting Lanyard 100 foot Thor Self Retracting Lifelines by 3M Fall Protection
3M Sealed ReLoad Self Retracting Lanyard 3M Sealed ReLoad Retractable Lifeline 3M Sealed ReLoad srl
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