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Safety Lanyards

We carry a wide variety of safety lanyards in both shock absorbing and non-shock absorbing styles. Choose from single or double leg lanyards with optional snap hook connections, rebar hook connections, and carabiners with adjustable features and designs. Looking for non-shock absorbing lanyards? Our positioning lanyards will do the trick, but remember they should be used as restraints and not as part of a fall arrest system!

Be sure to visit our informational page that better explains the different styles of safety lanyards.

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Working at heights has a certain amount of risk attached to it. The safety procedures that are in place are present so that this risk is minimized. One such procedure is to ensure that you are wearing proper fall protection gear before climbing to the required height. Safety lanyards are an important piece of the fall protection equipment, these are the ones that connect you to the anchor point or a lifeline.

Types of Safety Lanyards

At Harness Land, we offer a wide array of safety lanyards to you. You can choose between single or double leg lanyards as well as shock absorbing and non-shock absorbing ones. What’s more, you can also choose between the different types of hooks such as aluminum rebar hook, tie back carabiner, or standard snap hook.

When you choose us for your fall protection gear, you will be choosing a company that strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of OSHA as well as ANSI. Another benefit of choosing us is that we have a wide variety of safety lanyards for you. We guarantee that you will find the lanyard that you are looking for with us. Some of the most popular safety lanyards at Harness Land include:

Regarded as one of the most adaptable fall protection equipment, double leg tie off lanyards are also called as Y-lanyards. These lanyards have become the safety lanyards of choice for safety professionals in recent times. Some of the perks of choosing this lanyard include two shock absorbers, one for each leg; a single device that handles easily; you can easily sidestep obstructions even when you are still attached. Even when you are moving to another anchor point, one of your legs is still attached to the previous anchor point – so you are secure all the time.

These safety lanyards do not have any shock absorbing properties. They eliminate the chance of a fall because they are mainly used for restraint or positioning. It is vital that you remember that these lanyards must be used for restraint only, they cannot be used in a fall arrest system.

  • Rescue Shock Absorbing Style Lanyards

If you generally work on a tower or near turbines, the rescue shock absorbing style lanyards is what you should invest in. They meet ANSI standards and have built-in D-rings on each leg. In the event of a fall, the rescue shock absorbing lanyards make the entire rescue process easier.

Apart from these lanyards, we also have Kevlar lanyards, pack style lanyards, tie-back lanyards, and tubular style lanyards.

Important Factors to Consider While Buying Safety Lanyards

Some of the factors you should consider while investing in a lanyard are:

  • Length – The standard length of a safety lanyard is 6 feet. The ideal length of lanyard for you is the one that allows you to move without any problem. However, it also needs to be as short as possible because this will minimize the free fall distance. When you shop with us, there is absolutely no need to worry. We have short, long, and even adjustable lanyards on offer.

  • Webbing – The webbing that is used in your safety lanyards must be able to weather extreme conditions like rough use at work sites as well as the weather elements. We have a variety of lanyards on offer that are made from different materials such as nylon, Kevlar, and even Nomex. Depending upon your work conditions, choose one that meets all your requirements.

  • Shock Absorbers – When you are planning to use a safety lanyard in a fall arrest system, it is vital that you use one that has shock absorbers. Most of our shock absorbing lanyards are able to limit the fall arrest force to 900 pounds. These type of lanyards have an external shock pack with a PVC sleeve, this sleeve tears out during fall arrest. For ease of movement, you can choose our expandable style that expands and contracts as you move, which in turn helps keep the lanyard shorter.

  • Impact Indicators – Impact indicators are extremely useful when you are trying to inspect the safety lanyards. If a particular shock absorbing lanyard has been used in a fall arrest, the shock absorber will have been deployed. Therefore, it must not be used again and disposed properly.

Shop with us and you are guaranteed durable lanyards made from high quality materials.

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